Cold and Roofless

This weeks guest blogger is Michael McMillan, a singer songwriter from Glasgow who has recorded three albums. His story and lyrics are reproduced in his book In His Eyes – Stories from the Heart of the Street.

Many people don’t understand the difference between homeless and roofless people. Homeless people may still have a roof over the heads, by staying with friends (sofa surfing) or living in hostel and/or homeless accommodation. But roofless people have nothing. They live on the streets under bridges, under cardboard or wherever else they can shelter from the cold rain and dangers they might face.

It seems that things have not improved one bit over the years and are steadily getting worse. Child prostitution, human trafficking and the steady flow of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants have all added to the problem. Lack of adequate and appropriate housing, apprenticeship training and employment opportunities for our young people and the constant draw towards escapism through drugs, alcohol and crime compound the steadily deteriorating situation. Suicide among young men in the West of Scotland is at its worst levels as hopelessness and despair eat away day after day and night after night. Recent BBC figures show that millions of children in Great Britain and Northern Ireland are living in or on the brink of poverty. How can that be in ‘Great’ Britain a powerful and rich nation where a  income of £30,000 means you are in the top 2% of the richest people in the world.

I remember praying and getting angry with God about all of this going on in my country and in many other places in the world. I indignantly asked him why did you not doing anything about this. He replied loud and clear… ‘I did, I made you!’

Michael McMillan, is a singer/songwriter and the author of  In His Eyes9781910786031