Fixed Lives

Fixed Lives tells the story of 13 people who were once caught in the cycle of addiction but who now are transformed. The stories are often shocking, always intriguing but fundamentally heart-warming.

Popular speaker and author J.John says, “To read this book is to come face to face perhaps uncomfortably with a lively, vigorous, full-strength faith in Christ: a religion of power, miracles and changed lives”.

Barry Woodward is one of those featured in the book. Barry was a heroin addict for 15 years. In 1996 a sequence of extraordinary events changed his life forever.

Barry founded a charity called Proclaim Trust. In 2013 Proclaim Trust hosted the very first Fixed conference. The conference was geared towards addicts, ex-addicts, recovering addicts and those with a heart for addicts. Among the hundreds who attended from all over the UK was Adelle Howells.

So often throughout Fixed Lives one is left with a feeling of hopelessness – how on earth could any of those people recounting their life stories ever hope to find a way out? The remarkable thing is that they all did. Adelle tells her story from when she listened to Barry speaking at that first ever Fixed conference…

“Before I knew it Barry was at the end of his talk, and then he invited people to say a prayer. Inside I was shaking: my emotions were all over the place. I needed to do this! Then Barry invited those who had said the prayer for the first time to come to the front. I flew from my seat and straight to the front. It was then that I felt the guilt that I’d lived with for years just lift straight off me. I was so relieved, and then I was filled with this amazing feeling of love. I’d been searching for that feeling of love all my life.”

Why not watch Adelle here.


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Today we have the second of our posts from guest blogger and author Ennrich Krtizinger. His book Gender Plus was released this week

Jesus calls those who are not married eunuchs in Matthew 19:11-12! This is so interesting! It is not seen as a negative or spoken of as a lesser person. No, but there is room in God’s Kingdom for those who are not married!

Even more interesting are the reasons why… Some are born eunuchs, some are made so by others, and some choose it for the sake of the kingdom! So the kingdom of God does not only consist of married couples. There is room for singles or eunuchs as well. How amazing is our God to leave room for variety and diversity! He even goes further to give this promise to the eunuch in Isaiah 56:1-7… a name better than sons and daughters.

Being single comes with boundaries, just like marriage comes with its own boundaries! The Bible is also a textbook for life and living so dip in and read more about this. A great example of a single person is the apostle Paul who wrote almost two thirds of the New Testament! Wow. Thank you Lord that you are calling all people back to you, whether single, married, or eunuch. Now that’s some food for thought!

Gender Plus is available now from our website.