The first book we published is called Naturally Supernatural by Wendy Mann. We caught up with Wendy last week to discuss the reprint that is now required because her book has sold so well. Reprints give the opportunity to amend typos that crept into the first edition – yes imperfections do exist within the printed page! In fact the publishing industry average is about six per book. This got me thinking. Is there anything that is 100% perfect? Think about what we buy and the services we use – there’s always something that prevents anything from being 100% perfect. Perhaps this a good reminder of the human condition. None of us are perfect (me more than most!) and our imperfections can be physical, emotional or behavioral.  History records that only one person was ever perfect. His name is Jesus. Getting to know him does not make us perfect but it does allow him to start changing us from within to make us better people9781910786000.


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